Feature #4901

pggraph_table doesn't list tables

Added by bford - 12/30/2006 (about 15 years) ago. Updated 12/30/2008 (about 13 years) ago.

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If you go to the table graphing, it will not list the tables until you click show at least once. It would make sense to grab the table names on display of the page.


#1 Updated by anonymous - 12/30/2008 (about 13 years) ago

I think so, we still don't dynamically load tables. Though we do, iirc, generate a different kind of list now.

#2 Updated by bford - 12/30/2008 (about 13 years) ago

Is this still relevant?

#3 Updated by Aurynn Shaw 11/08/2007 (about 14 years) ago

Going to do some dynamic form monkeying for this, using an AJAX-ish lib.

#4 Updated by Aurynn Shaw 12/30/2006 (about 15 years) ago

This is known functionality; the index one does the same. That it pre-populates the index table is considered a bug.

Loading 100+ tables for all datnames is not an ideal solution. Thoughts?

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