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Added by bford - 03/20/2007 (almost 15 years) ago. Updated 08/20/2007 (over 14 years) ago.

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(08:53:42 PM) linuxpoet: oh you mean like a custom repot?
(08:53:51 PM) Crad: Something like http://server12.uac.ehpg.net/rtg/view.php?rid=1 would be awesome
(08:54:00 PM) Crad: even if I had to pick the tables to show.
(08:54:34 PM) linuxpoet: yeah we could probably do something like that
(08:54:41 PM) linuxpoet: let me make a ticket so we don't loose it


#1 Updated by Aurynn Shaw 08/20/2007 (over 14 years) ago

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This is fairly trivial from a backend standpoint. Implementation would focus on which images we're adding to the page.

#2 Updated by Darcy Buskermolen 03/20/2007 (almost 15 years) ago

I'm guessing what is ment by this is a "report" that shows a custom set of graphs on a single page. If that is the case the quick solution would simple be to create a page and <img src> in the relevent graphs.

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