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insert_time should be timestamptz

Added by Darcy Buskermolen 03/21/2007 (almost 15 years) ago. Updated 10/16/2007 (over 14 years) ago.

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We should be providing all date logging with timestamps, so that it's easier to work in our clients respective timezones


#1 Updated by Aurynn Shaw 10/16/2007 (over 14 years) ago

I was thinking we wanted to display in the timezone that the user is in.

#2 Updated by Darcy Buskermolen 03/23/2007 (almost 15 years) ago

Well there are a few ways to do that, a little bit of JS to read the TZ, and then forward that as part of the request ? pesudo code both client and server side:

// returns 'America/Edmonton'
return browser.timezone;

sever side:
set tz to 'America/Edmonton';
select * from table where insert_time > now() - '3 hours';

#3 Updated by bford - 10/16/2007 (over 14 years) ago

Hmmm, do we want to provide the TZ from the browser, or do we want to provide it from the DB?

#4 Updated by Aurynn Shaw 10/16/2007 (over 14 years) ago

That ought to be in the environment too, so I can pick it up from Apache/the CGI directly?

#5 Updated by Aurynn Shaw 03/23/2007 (almost 15 years) ago

  • Status changed from New to In Progress

Okay. Ideas on changing the timezone based on the requesting user? Or should that even be necessary to do?

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