Feature #4925

Allow graphing specific intervals

Added by Darcy Buskermolen 07/03/2007 (over 14 years) ago. Updated 10/16/2007 (over 14 years) ago.

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Add the ability to graph a specific block of time.

IE I'd like to see the 10 minute graph from 2 weeks ago, so that I can inspect Foo. and corilate it with information provided by a customer.


#1 Updated by Aurynn Shaw 10/16/2007 (over 14 years) ago

I think I'd like to punt this one until we have the new SVG/JS version of PGGraph running.

#2 Updated by Aurynn Shaw 10/16/2007 (over 14 years) ago

I'd need to rebuild the functions to use the offset, but yes, it can be done fairly easily. Requires a little magic internally to support it, but overall it's not terribly complex.

#3 Updated by Darcy Buskermolen 10/16/2007 (over 14 years) ago

I'd think the internal mechanics would we the same. IE a starting time and interval. Granted there might need to be a bit of HTML magic that's needed to get at this convient to a user, but in the interm i think that URL munging would be a viable alternitive...

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