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Added by bford - 08/20/2007 (over 14 years) ago. Updated 12/26/2007 (about 14 years) ago.

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We have the ability to see which relations did what type of dml for a given interval. However we don't have the ability to see that data database wide. What I would to see is on the database graph to have the option to select DML which would sum the n_tup_ins, n_tup_del and n_tup_update for all relations on the particular database and graph it based on the interval.


#1 Updated by Aurynn Shaw 12/26/2007 (about 14 years) ago

so select inserts, updates, and deletes all summed together?

#2 Updated by Darcy Buskermolen 12/26/2007 (about 14 years) ago

no, the way I read this is:

3 graphs respectively consisting of:
sum(n_tup_ins) where interval = foo;
sum((n_tup_del) where interval = foo;
sum(n_tupp_update) where interval = foo;

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