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Added by Aurynn Shaw 03/12/2008 (almost 14 years) ago. Updated 03/12/2008 (almost 14 years) ago.

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From cashnet:

Should at least display timezone on graphs (would be better if this was configurable).

Unused indexes is too strict, assuming that it's just looking for 0 idxscans (since it's not showing that, I don't know... :) ). It should show index usage stats, and also include indexes that have low usage, perhaps compared to other indexes on the table, or to table stats.

It'd also be good to have a report of tables that could use indexes. I'll typically use a metric like tablescans * relpages, with a cap of say 100 or 200. If this was done with stats over time the metric would essentially be "here's tables that we're doing more than X sequential pages per $unit_time".

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