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Composite Type Argument as table

Added by bford - 12/15/2005 (about 16 years) ago. Updated 05/21/2011 (over 10 years) ago.

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creating composite type argument named table:

 CREATE TABLE employee (name text, basesalary integer, bonus integer); 
 CREATE TABLE employee_ext (name text, basesalary integer, bonus integer, other text); 

CREATE FUNCTION empcomp(table) RETURNS integer AS $$
  return $argsr0['basesalary'] + $argsr0['bonus'];
$$ LANGUAGE 'plphp';

SELECT name, empcomp(table) FROM employee;
SELECT name, empcomp(table) FROM employee_ext;

eg. type table is table taken from FROM (so once time will be employee, second time employee_ext)
now i must have x functions to do same thing with different argument


#1 Updated by Álvaro Herrera 12/19/2005 (about 16 years) ago

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Interesting. Please note that you can do part of it using RECORD as the input type:


However it doesn't actually help you because the input record is a parenthized string with all fields separated by commas and you'd have to parse it. (Try doing a

to see it.)

I'll take a look at what's needed to make it work as expected. Don't hold your breath though.

#2 Updated by bford - 12/20/2005 (about 16 years) ago

great thank you

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