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VerticallyChallenged is a plugin and database functionality available for repoze.who to handle AuthZ based on PostgreSQL's existing role system. By utilizing the Databases' role system instead of a custom, application-level roles implementation.

This helps to solidify data access rules, and helps to prevent applications from unexpected or unanticipated data modification or view events.


You can find slides of a presentation on Vertically Challenged here:


You can get Vertically Challenged from one of two locations. Firstly, you can check the code out from our Subversion repository at:

$ svn co

Secondly, all of Command Prompt's public projects are now available on GitHub, and can be cloned via:

$ git clone git://

We take all pull requests seriously, and will review every one. And if you're interested in contributing, please, join the mailing list, at:

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