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10:48 AM pitrtools Bug #5328 (New): --delete-excluded causes all files to be deleted
If rsync option "--delete-excluded" is passed to, all rsynced files are deleted after they are copi...


02:42 PM Simpycity Wiki edit: AQuickTutorial (#10)
rewrite for 2.0
02:24 PM Simpycity Wiki edit: WikiStart (#39)
README for 2.0.1


12:54 PM pitrtools Wiki edit: WikiStart (#30)
update tarball with fix for #5314
12:53 PM pitrtools pitrtools-1.3.1.tar.bz2
Release file with fix for #5314
11:03 AM pitrtools Bug #5313 (Closed): PITR archiving bug
This issue affects the version in the tarball referenced in the wiki but not the current HEAD of master.
11:01 AM pitrtools Bug #5314 (Closed): cmd_standby with start parameter doesn't work
This issue affects the version referenced in the tarball linked in wiki, but not in the current master branch.

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